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Project Management System


Project management is defined clear objectives and sequence steps for effective management of time, cost and quality of work. ARES provides insightful solution at each stage of the project process and showing clear outcomes on the report. In this way, entrepreneurs can realize expenses and the resources that have been spent. This empowers entrepreneurs to utilize information for consideration and decision on other projects or to continue their business effectively.

Argo ERP gathers "project cost data" and "project-specific profit / loss analysis" for entrepreneurs to accomplish their objectives in "Project budget control". The system can be connected to the financial system, purchasing system, sales system, inventory system and others in the organization. Easy to manage the work progress and real-time checking income statement information which can assist you decide more the project should be developed or improved through Argo ERP in a timely manner.

ARES Project management system




  • Completion ratio method/Total completion method/Zero profit method
  • Dynamic financial information collection across departments and periods.
  • Real-time budget control, cost allocation and profit and loss analysis.
  • Project work progress report and management.
  • Project document management (including meeting minutes).
  • Project work plan scheduling.
  • Project budgeting management.
  • Project cost collection and control.
  • Able to interface project information into ArgoERP.
  • Information and Project budget approval before processing.
  • Man power sharing in proportion.
  • Setting income statement by account code.
  • Recognize project expense since SO, Sales Delivery, PR, PO, Approval, MO, etc.
  • Recognize actual cost of project.
  • Post voucher according to the specified account code.
  • Able to integrate with Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Create/Adjust documents and report according to the organization structure or using Argo standard report.

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