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Budget Management System


          In order to increase business profit, it is very necessary to control costs within the organization. Cost control can easily start at budget management so entrepreneurs can track every single financial transactions and this will help to manage costs and also to plan future budgets to achieve company goals.


Argo has developed from experience serving customers in a variety of businesses, until the system is stable and easy to use.

In this budget management system, Argo can track the budget that each department has spent, as planned or not, so supervisors can check it at any time because the internal information about each department is already linked through the Argo system such as information on buying - selling, inventory storage, production information and other relevant information. If something goes wrong or does not go as planned, it can be adjusted and correct right away.

Argo budget management function


The Argo system provides automatic calculations of costs like depreciation, deferrals, etc. Ensure that reporting can be easily reviewed and approved by accounting.

As a result, the system can be analyzed and shown to entrepreneurs that how the business goes. Thus, entrepreneurs can compare costs and profit/loss which can help to tend in cost management which leads to efficient business decisions.

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