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Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or can be called Standard production operating system of the organization to meet the needs of manufacturers in detail. It is a software system that allows for more efficient production for all manufacturing enterprises.

Manufacturing processes can be highly complicated involving varied inputs and outputs to deliver the desired final products. Hence the reason investing in a suitable MES software just makes sense. MES helps production to have more efficiency for all manufacturing operators, especially the importance of production is to tell the ability of production machinery work and respond quickly when production is interrupted or unplanned problems encountered production process.

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MES Relationship



Manufacturing Control

Production management (WIP)

- Routing design
- Work station configure
- Work order
- WIP control
- Schedule & capacity
- EDC collect
- Production history
- Product resume
Equipment Control

Equipment Management System (EMS)

- Equipment maintenance
- Equipment reparation
- Equipment parts of machine
- Tooling maintenance and setting
- Molding maintenance
- Device management
Quality Control

Finished product/ Raw material management

- Production material input
- Raw material usage
- Safety stock
- FG control
Statistical Process Control

Product Quality Control (QC)

- SPC set up & rule
- QC product plan
- Real time SPC chart
- Internal Quality Control (IQC)
- Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)
- FG history & resume

Easier recording of production

Related data eliminates the need for paper documents. When data can be digitally and automatically collected via an MES system, it helps to drive operations and improve measurement accuracy. With system integration, this electronic data can also be more conveniently disseminated to also help in other processes across departments, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Minimizing wastage, rework and waste in the production line.

Not just from paper documentation, but also during production as these systems can more quickly detect anomalies during production processes and halt them so the problem can first be rectified. This can help limit the amount of wasted materials and output of substandard products that can impact finances and the business's reputation.

Enhance continuity of efficient production management.

The business is better able to track inputs and outputs. This will ensure that you have optimal stocks of production materials so there is minimal downtime for your machines and that the level of required staff levels is scheduled and met.

Estimate the actual cost of production more accurately.

Once a business can streamline its production process, it becomes easier to gain a handle on financial matters and use the cost management component to make suitable cost-saving measures such as reducing raw material stocks to more optimal levels and making staffing cutbacks.

Efficiency in warehouse management.

Inventory costs are a major issue for manufacturing companies as holding too much can impact storage costs, transporting, and production levels of finished goods. In some cases, losses can also be made if they are unused for too long and expire or suffer quality deterioration. Maintaining an optimal level of inventory of raw materials, WIP, and finished goods is important. Hence the need for a system that employees handling purchasing, shipping and scheduling can rely on to track these movements and guide them on when and how much should be ordered.

ARES MES help your business improving production processes, this technology can help increase efficiencies in how inputs are used and boost quality standards. It can also act as a useful source of key data that other sections of the business can utilize and analyse for better decision making and strategy formulation.

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