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Purchasing Module


Know the actual cost of the raw material

You will NEVER miss any deal.

     The purchasing department is like a front line of the company, that serves to buy products and services at the lowest price, the quality also must meet the requirements of what the company needs and follow up to deliver on time as specified. Therefore the purchasing department should use prices, product quality, raw materials, equipment, maintenance, repair and other information related to the business to manage and control costs/expenditure to avoid company excessive costs.

Argo Purchasing System


  • Create Purchase Order (PO) for buying a product/service/expenditure/IOU
  • Interface PO information to do an approval
  • Make an approval through Digital Signature
  • Automatically bring PR information to do PO
  • Select the payment method, currency, credit term of payment, Inco-term etc.
  • Check PO history
  • Notify when the price is higher than the limit
  • Post Voucher according to the specified account code
  • Easily create a discount / return document
  • Create an organization report or use Argo standard report

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