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ARES Empower your business

We invite you to meet ARES, offers a wide range of work solutions. You can choose to see the system operation that is suitable for your industry.
📢 In the event you will find
✅Expert consultants who will come to give advice about workflow solutions
✅Privileges and discounts
✅Many activities and souvenirs

• Provide a system that can support a variety of functions.
• Facilitate workflows in the organization completely correct and reduce duplication.
• Save time in keying in large amounts of data. 
• Faster analysis of you organization workflows.
• Easy to use to start your business journey.

at BITEC BANGNA on 22-25 June 2022
Hall 101 Booth 1G08 (10.00 am. -17.00 pm.)
For more information : 063-325-3640