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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software that can help your business manage and plan your organization's resources for the most efficiency and benefit which is designed and developed for all types of businesses.

How does ERP work ?

Able to store data from various departments such as  Accounting, Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Planning, Production and others connected to ERP. So, the entrepreneurs can perceive the performance of the business with customers and employees at the center of work.

Which industry can use ERP ?

ERP system can be applied to any business (Industry can use ERP) and can plan all information on the same platform. It is a system that helps senior management and entrepreneurs to achieve the organization goals efficiently, quickly and in a timely manner.

Why the business need ERP ?

Operations at present are divided into departments such as Sales, Manufacturing, Purchasing-Procurement, Warehouse, Accounting-Finance Human resources and maintenance department etc. may cause delays and high errors and the main reasons are often from the way people work differently.

The below are some reasons that why we have to use ERP

  • Incomplete storage data.
  • Do not know how much to order raw materials to suit the warehouse.
  • No coordinate between each departments. 
  • The raw material in the warehouse has been lost and cannot be inspected.
  • Duplicate work/order
  • Production problems
  • Others

Due to the lack of knowledge and information in the organization (Real time) cause the management decisions have been delayed and have a high crash. The way to fix such problems is to prevent mistakes and losses, ARES suggest ArgoERP system to help you manage and plan your organization's resources for the best efficiency and benefit. Our strength is that we can be applied to all businesses according to the existing organizational structure, your company does not have to change the way of working at all.