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E-TAX Invoice & Receipt is the tax invoice formatted from paper to electronic information. E-tax needs to have a digital signature or Time stamp from ETDA (Electronic Transactions Development Agency) before sent to the Revenue Department via email. However, the entrepreneur still can use a paper invoice or use along with E-Tax. According to the regulations of the Revenue Department, the original tax invoice must be delivered to the buyer and a Copy tax invoice must be kept at the vendor. For E-Tax, All copy invoices are considered as original invoices.

How to prepare E-Tax?

  • Prepare in XML File according to the standard of government or prepare in PDF/PDF/A-3 File or others with Digital Signature.
  • Prepare in PDF/A-3 only with TimeStamp through E-Tax Invoice by Email.

Who can use E-Tax?

The entrepreneur who registered VAT registrant and profit not over 30 million/year.