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SVOA is a computer hardware and software dealer in Thailand, both imported from abroad and have their own production bases under the trade name SVOA, including exporting products to many countries. Moreover, they also a consultant on computer systems for large networks (Mainframe), computer products - accessories for government, business organizations and educational institutions.


Over the years, SVOA has grain a lot of customers and sales list and their ERP systems cannot cover all transactions. Such as to make a  withholding tax, still has to be done outside the ERP system, which is time consuming and has a lot of wrong calculations. Regarding the import and export of goods, SVOA is required to convert foreign currency ​​to make accounts in Thai currency, ERP system in use is unable to perform currency conversion, it makes difficult and accounting staff has to work overtime.


The most important of doing business is "Cost Calculation". SVOA has a lot of project operations, which requires quite a lot of detail on spending. The ERP system that SVOA uses is unable to collect a complex project data for insight cost calculations. This caused to have a team to work outside the system in order to calculate the expenses of various projects and cause problems such as  miss out buying and selling items, miscommunication due to the lack of an order number, duplicate orders etc.

Another important cost is "Depreciation Calculation" SVOA has quite a number of fixed assets and the ERP system does not have a solution to calculate depreciation. This causes the accounting staff to do extra work and overtime in each month to calculate the depreciation.


SVOA has been looking for an efficient and comprehensive system that solves all problems at an affordable price. In the last step of the decision, SVOA has chosen ARGO system from ARES to help in this part of the work. Since ARES has been providing advice from the beginning of design work system, installation and training employees in the organization to work efficiently. Besides, ARGO system can also be customized according to the specific working process of SVOA.

After installed and trained SVOA staff, SVOA's executives and managers can see all operations more comprehensive and convenient from the ARGO system, and can also be connected to other internal and online systems as well.

ARES continues to support if employees encounter any problems from the system and keep the system up-to-date with the work process until now.