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Taiwan Knowledge Base

TKB Taiwan Knowledge Base, which has been established for about 20 years, is a well-known Chinese cultural and language institute in Taiwan that educates children to adults or even enterprise also can study. The vision is transferring knowledge and value creation in educating people who come to study. Aiming to be the world's No. 1 E-learning brand for Chinese culture and languages, knowledge transfer for the digital age through E-learning is fully integrated, TKB has established and managed digital knowledge channels. Planning and production of various digital learning courses to promote foreign language education and language proficiency assessment


With the continued growth of the organization So the business volume doubled. The volume of invoices and requests have to take up about 30 accountants to handle this. The demand for manpower has not only increased exponentially, but complex accounting tasks often require employees to work overtime to get things done. Daily data is entered daily through the front-end system after the head office accounting staff receives the data, it takes a long time to manually duplicate the file. There is also a lot of hidden information there. So, the cost due to personnel turnover increases.


After installing ArgoERP, wage payments were reduced as no additional overtime pay was required and the total average work hours per person per month were reduced to a total of over 90 hours, saving a lot of time at work. It also saves time for calculating monthly taxes to submit to the Revenue Department.