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AR Group

AR Group

Advanced Research Group Co., Ltd. and its affiliates or " AR Group " is a leading group of companies in Thailand. Consisting of BOL, ARIP, Aconnect, ANET, ARAC, ARIT, ARDI, AR soft and Core & Peak, providing information, news and knowledge services as well as other services related to modern and comprehensive information technology. 

AR Group is a large group of companies. Each business within the AR Group has different products and services, making management more complex. Therefore, they have been brought  Enterprise Management System (ERP) comes in to help allocate overall data and work more processes. The company has continuously developed and expanded its business, their system that is currently in use is not supported to work and if the system has to be updated, it will require a huge amount of capital.

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AR Group was looking for a new provider or a new system with comparable or similar performance at a cost-effective price, and therefore chose ARES, which offers ArgoERP system with greater performance than the current system used. The price is reasonable and ARES consultants can help solve problems quickly. This makes the operation of the AR Group smoothly and provides a highly responsive service to the needs of customers. The solutions used by the AR Group include:

How ARES helps?

1. Approval Permissions (Approval Flow) Set up unlimited approval permissions and can set group approval.

2. Access rights (Authorization Flow) Set unlimited access rights for each screen and set depth settings for departments to be able to see or not see any fields. For example, warehouse workers only see the number of inventories and not see the product price etc. to prevent fraud and facilitate inspection.

3. Work Flow Control  the program works according to the steps of the company's settings. Each department is clearly responsible for what its own work is, do the work of the AR Group more proportional and can check in depth who is doing what, at what stage, when, and other activities, etc.

4. Inventory Control because AR Group has consignment activities. That is to say, the product is still considered a company's cost. It only has to be sent to the customer's warehouse for consignment and will open the actual bill only when the store is able to sell the product.

5. General Ledger Control from recording all expense activities. Every activity has a control account code to close monthly statements easier and faster. It can also be examined in detail and the problem is solved when the Audit comes to check.

6. Supporting the operation of the accounting system (Accounting Function Support) because ArgoERP can record expenses in every activity, accounting departments are therefore supported by many jobs such as prepaid, collection in advance (pre-collect), record deferred income and expenses account completion rate etc., make the work process according to the process and shorten the working time.