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Sunny Hills

     Many people are probably know the famous " Pineapple Cake " from Taiwan, SunnyHills (微熱山丘), which is another brand that tourists always buy as souvenirs. SunnyHills takes the cleanliness and safety very seriously. Therefore, they intended to produce the most perfect Pineapple Cake for everyone.

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SunnyHills' start-up business initially consisted of only pineapple cake. Which has a delicious taste that most people like it and expanded to many branches both in the country and abroad, this makes management more complicated. So, ArgoERP system was selected to be installed in the management function which consists of mainly 5 parts.


The system makes it easier for SunnyHills executives to view information in various departments in the same time, including international branches. When the management is stable, SunnyHills has invented a new menu to be released: Strawberry Bread, Durian Cake and others, thus making the production work more complicated and having more production lines. But in the production process, in-used system is not efficient enough to work in confectionery production. When the program has a problem, it takes a long time to fix, causing an impact on production costs


SunnyHills therefore contacted to purchase more of ARES production operating system, ArgoMES system. It is a system that can record in-depth production data in full detail. The main parts that SunnyHills use to record data are:

  • LOT number in production
  • Production date and expiration date
  • Baking temperature in each cycle. (with a defined standard average)
  • Quality QC of raw materials (e.g. flour, milk, etc.)
  • QC during production
  • QC after production (before sending out from the factory to sell)
  • other manufacturing insight information

After SunnyHills has successfully deployed 2 systems from ARES, the current operation is more organized and productive, and it has reached Industry 4.0.

What does ARES help?

  • Manage the shelf life of the quality and storage of products through HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principle applicable to food safety certification.
  • Send various notification messages to production and management on time.
  • Able to control and inspect internal processes on their own, such as information on importing and exporting goods, warehouse management, tax information etc.
  • Use E-mail or mobile phone to send a notification and easy to set goals in advance by using the system help in control, monitor and other management processes.
  • There is a LOT number in the production to verify that each LOT contains any ingredients in the production according to the Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan.
  • SunnyHills is also an OEM, so production standards can be checked at all times.
  • No problem connecting to other machines and systems (such as POS).
  • ARES can provide continuous and stable service.