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    ARES International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, joint venture between DataOne Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and ARES International Corp. Besides, ARES is a well-known as developer, distributor and system consultants in Taiwan with more than 40 years experience in various industries of business.


However, we are providing a complete system solution with consulting service in Thailand to meet customer expectation. Our software are Argo ERP, Argo MES and ciMES. Additionally, our systems can also be integrated with other software & hardware for the most efficient and useful use of data. Also we have ISO 27001: Information Security Management System to make you sure for cyber security.


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DataOne Asia (Thailand) Company Limited

DataOne Asia (Thailand) Company Limited is an end-to-end ICT service provider serving various sectors such as BFSI, hospital, telecommunication, retail, and government agencies. DataOne provides subsystem outsourcing services that meet international standards such as ISO 20000-1 IT Service Management and ISO 27001 Information Security which let enterprises focus on its core business.

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ARES International Corp., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Ares International Corp. was founded in 1980 and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) in 2001, being the first Taiwan-based software company in the stock exchange and over-the-counter markets with around 40 years of practical experience. Ares, recognized by over 10,000 corporate clients, provides its IT products and professional services, including outsourcing and system integration, mainly for financial institutions, government agencies, and enterprises.

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